BlendZ isn’t just a smoothie company; we have a greater, underlying purpose. Ever since we launched this initiative, we’ve worked hard researching how we should invest our profit. From healthcare to events (believe us, we’ve thought about it all), we finally decided to start a program called Habla Roosevelt. Sound interesting?

Then you better keep on scrolling: 

Habla Roosevelt is a playfully healthy way to unite the community, by offering English lessons to our workers’ children for three hours a week. There are 40 students enrolled in the program from ages 7 to 16. They're taught by two qualified teachers who we pay to lead the classes and more than 15 volunteers that come every Saturday to give more individualized instruction.

Want to join us? Classes take place from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays at the Roosevelt Campus. You can help students gain fundamental English skills in reading, writing and speaking. 

But you're thinking, learning English the traditional way is a little dull, not exactly what we’d call “playful.”  

So here’s the twist: we’ve put together a system that balances hands-on activities, collaboration and content.  The idea is to channel our students’ learning through their interests: music, movies, games and—of course—books, to stimulate their passion for English and for learning.


What's our long-term vision?

If we dare to dream big, we’d like to fund larger educational projects as well, such as scholarships to local institutes.

There’s no limit to how far we can take this, but the bigger we dream, the more help we need.